Westbury Community Hospital

WestburyHospital site belongs to the people of Westbury* 

Act now or lose it forever to private enterprise!

Please comment on the application: Now is good! 

Thank you :-) xo

Absolute deadline: January 1st 2016

The 'STOP' Campaign suggests the following 5 comments but please just 'say something' otherwise on January 1st 2016 the site will be lost to the people of Westbury for EVER!

Click on the link below and register your objection (It will take 5 minutes!)

1. Westbury does not have the infrastructure to support any more housing and already has plans agreed for 1,000 more to be built.

2. The increased traffic from that many extra households using The Butts and Hospital/Orchard Rd will need careful and extensive consideration.

3. They feel strongly that the January 1st date for the planning consultation to end is unreasonable given the time of year when many offices run on a skeleton staff and respectfully ask that the date be extended to allow the community to respond.

4. There is clear evidence in the Better Care Plan, The Joint Strategic Assessment and extensive recent media coverage that the NHS will need to provide more health and social care in the next decade. The Westbury Hospital site is ideal for the provision of that care, not only for Westbury but also for other towns in the area.

* The burden of proof of ownership exists on both sides. Our Wiltshire have stated that as the deeds of ownership have been lost, so then has the opportunity to prove ownership to the town and therefore the site belongs to the NHS. This is a bit like saying because I lost my Barclaycard, I no longer owe any money on it! Please say something, anything! Comments on this application cannot be ignored Link


Date: 1 June 2015 13:36:42 BST

Good afternoon
Westbury area board meets this week and it would be great if you could join us. The meeting on Thursday 4 June is at the Laverton and starts at 7pm.  Health and care in the community is just one topic up for discussion with presenters including the Clinical Commissioning Group, local GPs and Wiltshire Council’s adult care specialists.
Also at the meeting you can hear progress on a range of local issues including recycling and news on how you can get funds for your community projects.  

Refreshments will be served from 6.30pm when you will have a chance to network.
You can see the full agenda and background reports here.

(Members of the STOP group have responded to the Wiltshire Core Strategy Partial Review.The Council want to move the existing Settlement Boundary so that the Westbury Hospital site falls within the boundary for development and STOP have protested loudly. The closing date for responses has passed and because the Review was poorly advertised only a few of the group had the opportunity to respond. We are waiting to hear from Wiltshire Council and will keep you all  posted).

In 1994 a Westbury Health Forum-organised march saw 200 people take to the streets of Westbury to protest at the proposed closing of the hospital. The march was a success, but the following years would see cuts made and wards and services closed.
Then in 2005, the same year that the League of Friends’ donation total reached £1million, the hospital began its final decline.
Hundreds of people marched again to try and save their hospital, but the stroke unit and day hospital were closed, followed by the unannounced removal of patients. Finally, in February 2007, Westbury Community Hospital closed its doors for the last time. Stop have every intention of
Stop/Pause The Sale of Westbury Community Hospital.

Try this.  When you get to the page click on the Supporting Documents Tab – then GAP Assessment paper 1.pdf.  This is a 100 page document (nothing like hiding bad news in the detail) - enjoy
From: STOP TEAM Sent: 22 May 2015 18:48 Subject: Re: Core Strategy Consultation deadline 26/05
On 22 May 2015, at 18:17
My advice is as follows:
As many as possible should respond before 5pm on 26th May
·         That you strongly object to any revision of the Westbury Settlement Boundary and in-particular to the deletion of the section of the West Wiltshire District Plan (1st Alteration) referring to policy H13a and that consequently your preference is this policy should ‘remain a strategic policy within the Wiltshire Council Core Strategy’.
·         Your reason for this might include:
1.       The description to the Westbury Community Area of the Core Strategy makes it clear that Westbury has experienced high levels of residential development in the last couple of decades;
2.       The description suggests that Westbury lacks the infrastructure necessary to accommodate further development and should be considered at capacity;
3.       Wiltshire Council has confirmed to the planning inspector that the current Housing Allocations to the North & West Wiltshire Housing Management Area  (which includes Westbury) has sufficient reserve to guarantee a 5 year housing land supply as required by national planning policy (NPPF);
4.       There is currently no demand for medium or  large scale development and consequently no requirement to review the settlement boundary exists;
5.       Consequently all Housing Land Allocation Policies such as H13a that are outside the current settlement boundary should retain their strategic classification.
If the settlement boundary is extended to include H13a then residential development of this site will be difficult almost impossible to resist.  Potential development sites that sit outside the settlement boundary are considered “aspirational or windfall” applications and therefore require a strategic determination.  Strategic Site applications are not included in the Housing Allocations Policy and are easier to rebut especially if you can prove a current 5 year supply of land for development, which we can.
These reasons are not exclusive and you might think of others.
Kind Regards