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Murrison-Valley NewsSouth Wiltshire MP Andrew Murrison has written to Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group to ask if the old Westbury hospital, still owned by the NHS, could be used for its planned 20-bed dementia unit.
The site was to be sold for housing and residents have raised concerns about access. The CCG has been consulting on its dementia care plans but the Westbury site has not been included.
Dr Murrison, long time campaigner for community hospitals, began his medical career as a part-time hospital porter in a cottage hospital when he was still at school. He said; “People in Westbury retain a strong sense of ownership of and commitment to the hospital since it belonged to the town before the advent of the NHS in the 1940s and was supported over many years by voluntary donations. It seems to me there is scope for utilising part of the site for the increasing healthcare needs of an ageing population.
“I welcome the CCG’s plans for a dementia unit located at the old Westbury hospital site. Westbury should be seriously considered as a preferred location. I know that would please the many local people who have worked tirelessly for the hospital over the years.

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Westbury Annual Town Meeting 27/04/15
The STOP hospital campaign group would like to thank the Mayor, the councillors  and the Town Clerk for the support they gave us at last weeks meeting and for their agreement to hold a Parish Poll.  

We would  now like to ask for the  support of the full Town Council so that we have the opportunity to save this valuable community site not only for the immediate area but for county use as a health care facility. We feel very strongly that this will be an opportunity to put Westbury on the map as a town prepared to fight for the identified health needs of Westbury and Wiltshire.

• Address: Westbury Community Hospital, The Butts, Westbury
• Postcode: BA13 3EL

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