Westbury Community Hospital

Sensible Thinking On Patients Group STOP
New support for the hospital from members of Westbury Heritage Society heightens the tension between the towns folk of Westbury and the authorities.
Westbury Heritage Society’s members Keith Miller Chairman and Liz Argent Secretary gave an interview with Westbury Community Hospital campaigning group STOP during the interview Keith and Liz expressed their concern about older people having to travel as far as Marlborough for Hospital care when we have a perfectly good facility in Westbury Cottage Hospital adding that the young people of Westbury need to factored into the equation.The idea of Westbury Community Hospital is surplus to requirements is nonsense.
Keith compared local hospitals and their planning and parking to Westbury’s own Community Hospital
and said they just did not come up to standard. Westbury has a single story building well planned with an exceptional layout other hospitals like Warminster are on two levels. The parking is far superior in Westbury Hospital and the environment of fresh air and countryside this has a real benefits for patients.The NHS should develop the Hospital in Westbury were there is ample room for extension and development.
Liz Argent added that recently day rooms had been added to Westbury Community Hospital by the League of friends.
The whole interview can be see on the STOP website.If you do not have a computer of your own the Westbury Library can supply members with a free facility to go on line and view the website.
Stop will be tabling a question for support at the next Area Board meeting
6 August 2015 @ Heywood Village Hall.