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A new discharge passport for patients using the Royal United Hospital, Bath
When a patient is ready to go home, or on to another care setting, making sure they are discharged in a timely and safe manner is a real priority for the Royal United Hospital in Bath (RUH). We are always looking at how we can make the discharge process run that bit more smoothly – ensuring that the patient can be resettled into their home or other care setting safely, that they know what the next steps in their treatment are, and that they have with them any prescribed medications that they need to take once they are home.
To help improve the patient and carer experience, the discharge team at the RUH is in the process of developing a Discharge Passport – a document which the patient can keep with them which containing all the information they should need to help support them upon being discharged.
The discharge team is hoping to engage with patients and carers in order to develop the passport. They are looking to speak to patients or carers who have had a recent experience of the discharge process at the RUH, and who would be willing to share their experiences. The aim is to build a clear picture – from the patient and carer perspective – of the sorts of things that make the discharge process run smoothly, as well as any elements patients or carers feel could be improved.
A Patient/Carer Focus Group will be held on 16 July from 11am-1pm in Melksham, Wiltshire.
If you have had a recent experience of the discharge process (within the last year) – either as a patient, or as a relative or carer – and would like to be involved in this important piece of work, please contact Robyn Heath on 01225 826229. If no-one is available to take your call, please leave a message with your name and contact details and Robyn will contact you. Alternatively you can email robyn.heath@nhs.net.
Please notify us of your intention to attend the Focus Group by Friday 3 July 2015. We shall contact you ahead of the event to confirm your attendance and to provide details of the venue.
The team will use feedback from the Focus Group to shape the development of the passport. A pilot version of the passport will be tested on a selection of wards over the winter. Following a review of the Discharge Passport’s effectiveness in Spring 2016, it is hoped that it will be rolled out across all areas of the hospital. Your input could make a real difference to patients at the RUH.