The Company that are about to Frack Wiltshire

Residents of Westbury Town and surrounding areas have formed a group to join with all other groups across the UK to stop fracking and to work towards a sustainable future.
Next Meeting : Newtown Social Club in Trowbridge
24  Stallard Street
BA14 9AG
T: 01225 768 721

Tomorrow is a very important KWIFF General Meeting, being held at 7.30pm at the Newtown Social Club in Trowbridge.  The meeting will give local groups a chance to come together and give an update on their activities.  This will be followed by a guest appearance from Gayzer Frackman who will provide inspiration and advice on ways forward.

Bring your questions to the next Planning Meeting.Wednesday, 4th May, 7.30pm, in the Skittle Alley at The Horse & Groom, Alfred Street.  Plenty of parking.
Westbury sits on many springs this one is Bitham Brook
We are a small island that already has water provision issues and a growing population. Where are the millions of litres of water required for fracking going to come from (on average about 8.4 million litres of clean water per well)?

Here is a list of concerns and questions that you may wish to raise with David Cameron, your MP Andrew Murrison, your town Councillors, parish Councillors, The Environment Agency, The DECC, East & West Sussex County Council, The Police, The newspapers or any other official bodies or organisations. It is followed by some example letters to inspire you! Provided by Frack Free Sussex


More Information @ KWIFF

KWIFF exists as a Wiltshire England based group focused on spreading awareness of the dangers of fracking.
Applications have been made for licences that will allow fracking in a large part of Wiltshire. It won’t just be one or two wells, hundreds if not thousands will be drilled, through our aquifer laden county. If the industry takes hold Hundreds of lorries per day will destroy tranquillity & house prices near drill pads are likely to fall significantly.
KWIFF is an umbrella group, uniting many local groups